Hey! I’m Dani, a creative/copywriter at PS21.

Prior to this I worked at LOLA Mullenlowe (as a trainee) and at LLYC (as a junior). At these agencies I've had the luck to work for several amazing clients like: KFC, BBK, Multiópticas, Uber Eats and Pony Malta.

I’m in love with anything analog, cowboy culture and cheap thrift stores. Also working on an anti-folk album.

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Contact: daniel.vazquez.seo@gmail.com

Very personal short film that takes place in my parent's house bathroom. 

My single "Waves of Nostalgia" with an edited scene of ''Rumble Fish'' in the background.

A title sequence we made for the movie Mid 90's.

My personal project

Solving two social problems of my country with just one solution.


Mixed technique posters (analog and digital) about songs I like.
(Left) Viceroy by Mac Demarco. Text extracted from an interview. (Right) I Fall In Love Too Easily by Chet Baker. Original text.