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BBVA Brighter Together

(Christmas Spot Script)


The sun, the star that saw it all. Alone.

Millions of years surrounded by dead rocks, looking for someone with their own light. He felt alienated all his life, until the very moment he found the moon. They fell rapidly in love, as she beamed the purest light, but it wasn’t long until he realized that it was only his reflection. He became distant and they grew apart breaking the moon’s heart. The sun fell into a spiral of sadness, thinking he would never see other light than his own… But in his darkest hour he found these marvelous little creatures in one of his jewels. Creatures that played with fire and cherished his radiant power. He was thrilled, he wasn't alone anymore.


The sun felt whole watching his children grow but he was afraid of their progress, he feared that they might replaced him with some of their lighting artifacts. And with the winter, the great betrayal came. He heard about homes filled with sparkling and colorful lights that brought joy to everyone, but every time he tried to see them they disappeared. Could those lights be greater than his own? Could they bring more joy than him? What kind of twisted being would do that to him? Him! That has been sharing his precious rays for ages.


Since then, every winter he doesn't shine as bright, a glimpse of when his loneliness comes back. The moon saw it all, and although the sun had wounded her, she knew too well how lonely the universe can be to just leave him alone. She slowly came closer to the sun and, as they got together, the moon hugged him. With their union, the cities were flooded by darkness and the residents ran to lit the colorful lights that the sun feared so much. And as soon as hundreds of vibrant sparkles took over the horizon, the sun realized that it wasn't about him. It was about love and understanding for each other. How could he have been so blind? How could he dare hurt the moon? His quest had separate him from the only soul that tried to comprehend his! The moon had already forgiven him, many centuries ago, so she just hugged him a little tighter and promised to meet every Winter and watch the christmas lights together. 

BBVA Board final.jpg

Pia Volpino (art direction), Clara Laorden (art direction) & Daniel Vázquez (copy)

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