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Becarios, sí Taxdown

This campaign isn't translated because only  Spanish people will get it.
It revolves around Josep Pedrerol, a locally famous football journalist with a very distinct personality and numerous pop culture moments.
He was the perfect figure to introduce Taxdown (a new app designed to make your taxes in just 15 minutes) into de Spanish market, as he was the embodiment of the brand: energetic, fast and easy to get.
The brilliance of the campaign and the reason why it worked so well lies in it's use of the influencer: his casting and how we didn't adulterate his character.

Campaña: Becarios, sí
Cliente: TaxDown
Agencia: PS21
Chief Creative Officer: Víctor Blanco
Creative Director: Jose Sancho
Creatives: Jorge Paneda, Rubén Caja, Alfonso Moreno, Daniel Vázquez
CMO: Daniel Tallón
Content Manager: Álvaro Icaza
Productora: Júpiter Films

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