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Beat The Bullying Pony Malta

Very proud that my first international campaign has such a noble social purpose as raising awareness of cyberbullying.

Colombia is the world’s fourth country with more bullying and 75% of its victims keep it to themselves, making the problem invisible and letting bullies get away with it. Pony Malta raised its voice for all of them, making an alliance with the masters of comebacks: the freestylers.

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AGENCY: LOLA MullenLowe & MullenLowe SSP3
BRAND: Pony Malta
Chief Executive Officer: Francisco Samper
Directores Creativos Ejecutivos: Tomás Ostiglia, Diego Muñoz, Juan David Pardo
Chief Operating Officer: Camilo Plazas
Managing Director: Tom Elliston
Creative Directors: Kevin Cabuli, Guillermo Siachoque, Jorge Eliécer Pinto
Copywriters: Alejandro Chávez, Ignacio Pérez Urban, Daniel Vázquez Seoane
Art Directors: Guillermo Siachoque, Gabriel MuñoZ, Greta Milans del Bosch Segui, Carla
Guerrero Mora, Andrés Torres Aguirre.
Account Director: Fabiana Manzi, Oscar Fernandez-Baca
Account Executive: Olivia Zea
Director of Business Development: José Manuel Hoyos
Digital Director: Jenn Boshell
Chief Strategy Officer: Carolina Mejia
Planner: Laura Torres
Production Director: Jose Vicente Altamar
Production Executive: Diego Cano
Marketing Director ABI: Juan Alonso Torres
Brand Manager: Alejandro Lotta
Production Company: Plan 9
Directores: Juan Pablo Rodríguez y Jonatan Specktor
Production Executive: José Ignacio Morales
Music: ALKA
Illustration: Camilo Leal y Yash Tambe

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